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About Us

Eco Rubber Edenvale has been serving the Edenvale community since 2013.

Who we are

We are a specialised roof coating company, delivering world-class solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic clients. There is not a roof that is too big or small for Eco Rubber.

Why Eco Rubber Edenvale

Our sole mission is to offer service excellence using cutting edge technology at fair prices.

Our extensive experience and service ethos is a way of life, using only technologically advanced products while constantly doing research and sourcing better products for our clients. It is what sets us apart from our competitors, that and our specialised coating that is unmatched in the industry.

We not only have the longevity of your roof in mind, but care that your family will have a roof over their heads for the foreseeable future by taking care of it for you.

Our Eco Rubber membrane is one of the best for waterproofing in South African conditions.

Specially Engineered to Extend Roof Life

Eco rubber is unique and has been specially engineered to provide you with the best roof protection there is.

Why Eco Rubber is Unique

Eco Rubber is an asphalt emulsion or Acrylic polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic and protective properties

The coating extends the life of your roof. The strong, puncture resistant membrane is great for waterproofing and protects your roof from UV and corrosion damage, vital for South African weather conditions.

Eco Rubber is Cost Effective

One coat applications make Eco Rubber the cost-effective choice. It doesn’t require much surface preparation before application and can also be applied to most roofing materials.

We’re Committed to Keeping a Good Roof over Your Head

Eco Rubber Edenvale wants to provide you with a problem free roof, so contact us now for a no obligation chat.

B-BBEE Status

As a full supporter of the B-BBEE Amendment Act, No 46 of 2013, we have achieved a level four status. We ensure that our policies within our company reflect the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice 2007.



For your no obligation quote call

(011) 452 1052 (Office)

062 909 3409 (Kyle)
060 790 8908 (Rachel)
083 668 8105 (Jeremy)
082 527 9929 (Chris)


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