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Performance Benefits

Why You Can Trust Eco Rubber Edenvale to Coat Your Roof

We are an apporved apllicators that ensures you don’t have to take the risks involved with coating a roof. Eco Rubber is the best solution on the market currently. We do more than paint your roof, we rubberise it!

We are saving you money! Because:

  • we offer a long term solution applied in a single coat
  • we solve your most stubborn water leaks
  • our innovative solution is purpose built for the South African climate
  • highly flexible, resilient, controls rust, UV and water resistant
  • we offer a variety of colours
  • can be applied over old paint
  • cheaper and better quality than paint for the long
  • our workmanship is guaranteed because our staff are fully trained

Top Performing Eco Membrane

  • Seamless membrane that protects against corrosion, water damage, chemical attack and weather conditions
  • Elongates 100% with 95% recovery
  • Withstands thermal cycling
  • Bonds to most construction materials
  • Protects the roof against exposure to industrial chemicals, water, salt, acid rain, soil and airborne contaminates
  • Significant installation savings
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • One coat system
  • Eco Friendly and Safe
  • VOC free
  • Non-toxic
  • No special permits needed
  • All products are solvent-free
  • Non-flammable
  • Special clothing not required for application

What we do

We are adept at working and dealing with a variety of roof coating and maintenance requirements for the average and industrial roof. For corporate and industrial clients we also offer general maintenance services.

Our services include:

  • All roofing work
  • All painting work
  • Electrical
  • Woodwork
  • Building
  • Glasswork
  • Tiling
  • All specialised coatings

Our expertise means that our clients can count on us to solve problems and address challenges with a sense of urgency, a positive attitude as well as providing long-term solutions that ensure value for money.

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